Qur’an: 22 Aug 2014 (25 Shawwal 1435)

English Translation of Al-Quran

[32].Surah As-Sajdah [The Prostration]

Ayat 10. And they say: "When we are (dead and become) lost in the earth, shall we indeed be recreated anew?" Nay, but they deny the Meeting with their Lord!

Tafseer of Surah Al Sajdah (The Prostration) Ayat 10. And they say: "What! when we lie, hidden and lost, in the earth, shall we indeed be in a Creation renewed? Nay, they deny the Meeting with their Lord. Cf. 13:5. It has been the cry of Materialists and Sceptics through the ages not only to bound their horizon with this brief life, but to deny dogmatically that there can be a future life. Here "they" refers to those "who give little thanks" to Allah, mentioned in the last verse. The argument used against them is: if Allah can produce such a wonderful creation the first time, why can He not make it again? That points to the possibility: our own general inner hope and expectation of a future life, coupled with Faith in Allah’s work, is the ground of our certainty.


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