Qur’an: 07 May 2014 (07 Rajab 1435)

English Translation of Al-Quran

[29].Surah Al-Ankabut [The Spider]

Ayat 40. So Allah punished each (of them) for his sins, of them were some on whom We sent Hasiban (a violent wind with shower of stones) [as the people of Lout (Lot)], and of them were some who were overtaken by As­-Saihah [torment ­ awful cry, etc. (as Thamud or Shuaib's people)], and of them were some whom We caused the earth to swallow [as Qaroon (Korah)], and of them were some whom We drowned [as the people of Nuh (Noah), or Firaun (Pharaoh) and his people]. It was not Allah Who wronged them, but they wronged themselves.

Tafseer of Surah Al-Ankabut (The Spider) Ayat 40. Each one of them We seized for his crime: of them, against some We sent a violent tornado (with showers of stones); some were caught by a (mighty) Blast; some We caused the earth to swallow up; and some We drowned (in the waters): It was not Allah Who injured (or oppressed) them:" They injured (and oppressed) their own souls. For hasib (violent tornado with showers of stones), see 17:68: this punishment as inflicted on the Cities of the Plain, to which Lot preached (54:34). Some Commentators think that this also applied to ‘Ad, but their punishment is described as by a violent and unseasonable cold wind (41:16; 54:19 and 69:6), such as blows in sand storms in the Ahqaf, the region of shifting sands which was in their territory. For sayhah (Blast) see 11:67 and n. 1561, as also n. 1047 to 7:78 and to 15:73. This word is used in describing the fate of: Thamud (11:67) Madyan (11:94); the population to which Lut preached (15:73); and the Hijr (15:83), part of the territory of Thamud ; also in the Parable of the City to which came the three Prophets, who found a single believer (36:29). This was the fate of Qaroon: see 28:81. Cf. also 16:45 This was the fate of the hosts of Pharaoh and Haman (28:40) as well as the wicked generation of Noah (26:120).


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