Hadith: 26 Feb 2014 (25 Rabi’ul Thani 1435)

English Translation of Hadith

Hazrat Harithah bin Wahab’ (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: I heard Messenger of Allah [SAWW](PBUH) saying, "Shall I not inform you about the people of Jannah? It is every person who is, modest and humble (before Allah), a person who is accounted weak and is looked down upon but if he adjures Allah, Allah will certainly give him what he desires. Now shall I not inform you about the inmates of Hell? It is every violent, impertinent and proud man".

[Al-Bukhari Book 06, Chapter 60, Hadith # 440].

Lesson : as mentioned above in Surah Al-Qasas Ayat 39. “he and his hosts were arrogant in the land” This Hadith tells us about distinction of such weak, poor and secluded persons who do not have any important position in society but are so eminent in the realm of piety that, out of their utmost trust in Allah, if they take an oath for something, Almighty Allah fulfills their oath. Thus, this Hadith highlights the importance of modesty and condemns pride, miserliness and lust for name and fame.


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