Qur’an: 22 Jan 2014 (20 Rabi’ul Awwal 1435)

English Translation of Al-Quran

[27].Surah Al-Naml [The Ants]

Ayat 91. I (Muhammad SAWW (PBUH) have been commanded only to worship the Lord of this city (Makkah), Him Who has sanctified it and His is everything. And I am commanded to be from among the Muslims (those who submit to Allah in Islam).

Ayat 92. And to recite the Quran, so whosoever receives guidance, receives it for the good of his own self, and whosoever goes astray, say (to him): "I am only one of the warners."

Tafseer of Surah Al Naml (The Ants) Ayat 91 & 92. For me, I the Messenger of Allah Muhammad PBUH have been commanded to serve the Lord of this city Makkah, Him Who has sanctified it and to Whom (belong) all things: and I am commanded to be of those who bow in Islam to Allah’s Will,-The Lord of this City. This was spoken in Makkah, say about the 5th year before the Hijrah, when the Holy Prophet PBUH and his adherents were being persecuted as enemies to the cult of Makkah. So far from being against the true spirit of the Holy City of Makkah, it was actually in furtherance of that spirit, which had been overlaid by the idolatries and abominations of the Pagan Quraish. They are told that the new Teaching is from the Lord of Makkah itself, the One True God, Who had sanctified it in the time of Abraham PBUH. Lest they should think that it was a local or tribal or narrow cult, it is added that He is not only Lord of this city, but Lord of the Worlds, "to Whom belong all things". It is a universal message: but how sad it would be if the Makkans, among whom it came first, were to reject it? And to rehearse the Qur´an: and if any accept guidance, they do it for the good of their own souls, and if any stray, say: "I am only a Warner". The duty of the Prophet and his adherents was, first, to accept Islam and become themselves shining examples of Allah’s grace and mercy, as they in fact were, and secondly to preach that message and spread that Light to all around. It was not for them to force it on unwilling people: for any who rejected it would find their own spiritual loss in such rejection. But they must clearly warn them of the consequences.


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